Dungeons of Doria: Prototype Unboxing

Another prototype unboxing? Didn’t we do that already? Yes, correct, there already was one some time ago. However, that was for the prototype produced by GameCrafter for the initial review-copies before the Kickstarter.

This current prototype on the other hand was created by Hopes Games for checking all materials, card thickness and if the print templates provided work as expected for Hopes.

There are a few small issues with the card prints and leftover guidelines, but overall the prototype looks great! There are two major things though:

  • The size of the box and the plastic tray that has been created are just too small to host the content of everything after it has been punched out
  • The plastic standees that have been delivered are too narrow for the standees to fit.

Both issues are being worked on to see if we need to increase box size or simply change the plastic tray.

Here is a full unboxing of the prototype:

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Autor von SHit-ERPS und Rollenspieler seit es ERPS gibt (was aber nichts miteinander zu tun hat!). Hat aus Langeweile (Rollenspiel-Pause durch Baby) ein kooperatives Brettspiel ohne Spielleiter erstellt (Dungeons of Doria/LootERPS), damit man auch mal alleine spielen kann. Auch ERPS-Padawan genannt und wird irgendwann den bösen Sith-Erps verdrängen und der Welt nur noch bunte ERPS-Systeme bringen ;)
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