Dungeons of Doria: Current status

Dungeons of Doria is nearly ready to go – and still so far away. This week, the last of the character illustrations was finished (see all characters at the bottom of the page). The rules are mostly done (only small corrections needed), playtests are mostly done (the blind playtest groups need to finish their campaigns, which just takes time – especially when you cannot meet in person) and the digital releases are ready to be published (both Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator). So, what is still missing?

Character Standees for the digital releases

Just the artwork for monsters (starting this week) and the artwork for weapon- and armor-items. All of the monsters and items have a silhouette representation already in the game for the prototype (see pictures below). This means there is some representation to recognize the monster or item – but it does not look great. Getting 18 Monsters and 240 items illustrated just will take some more time. I do expect most of these to be ready for the Kickstarter, but the next steps have to work without the finished artwork.

All standees within the game (Tabletop Simulator) as of now

The main task ahead: a nice looking prototype has to be printed that can be sent to reviewers. The main files are ready for printing, but obviously I just want to wait on a bit more artwork for additional monsters to come in (currently 18 out of 19 have a black silhouette, see above picture). Most likely the printing process will start within the next 2 months, as soon as a nice looking box (another action item) has been designed and I have a decision on the printing manufacturer.

Unfinished (left) vs. finished (right) item artwork

As soon as a few prototypes are ready to be sent out, I will send them out to reviewers as a Kickstarter preview game. Before any of these reviews/previews (which will also take some time due to the type of the game) can go online, the Kickstarter page also needs to be prepared and approved by Kickstarter. When all of the above are ready, the digital releases will go online for EVERYONE to test the game – including a few single scenarios and a campaign sample, all available within Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator.

Full Game in Tabletopia

At the same time I will use the digital releases or one of the prototypes to create some small learning videos to show off the features in more detail.

There is still a lot to do, but I already have a few people on board helping out with smaller things. Still, this is mainly work on my shoulders. Most of this will be work “behind the scenes” and nothing major besides some artwork to show off for the next months. But I am still working on it and the road map is getting closer to the finish line!

Here is an overview of all the 8 characters:

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